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Elisha "EJ" Jensen

No Dis In Disability!

There Is No Dis in Disability 
For me there is no Dis in disability. 
I focus on what I can do, 
And not what I cannot do. 
Not only do I write, draw, and paint. 
(I am a woman who uses a wheelchair 
And lives an active life.) 
I like to catch those not slimy, but colorful, blue gill fish. 
It makes me squeal when I feel that small tug on my line. 
We catch and release, you see,   
I blow the fish a kiss and I set it free! 
I go to two camps where we let go,  
I let the wackiness that is me, show. 
I am among friends. At camp no one stares. 
Most of my buddies have delt with life altering experiences similar to mine. 
Being with old pals and meeting new ones is a guaranteed good time! 
I bowl at a local lane!  Some of my good pals do the same. 
When someone hands me my ball, 
I swing my arm back and make those antagonizing pins fall! 
I just love the thrill of the game! 
For me there is no dis in disability, 
I go to camp where we tie dye tee s 
We swim, go for hay rides and play bocce. 
Many people let the dis get them down. 
I did for a while too. Sometimes I still feel blue. 
But I realized I have so much more living to do. 
That s why I try not to see the dis in disability. 
I try to get out there and do all I can. 
That is what I plan to do in life 
I am going to try and see if I can white-out the dis. 
For the ABILITY is where my focus is! 
Elisha Jensen July, 2006 

Take Me to the Ball Game!
Last night my friends from sports and I got to go to the ball game, 
For disability awareness day. 
It was the Kansas City Royals versus the Toronto Blue Jays. 
Coach even asked me if I wanted to sit by my man Greg! 
I was absolutely delighted! 
She told me no smooching or holding hands. 
I thought but what if we re on the Kissing Cam? 
Coach teased Greg. 
Secretly I was hoping that the Kiss Cam would come our way. 
I blew Greg kisses and stroked his arm. 
I even gave him a few back rubs during the game. 
They set off fireworks after every home run! 
It was awesome! 
The Royals won! 
We waited and waited for the after game display that never came. 
Finally they announced there was a problem with the fireworks. 
There would be no nighttime display, 
But our tickets are good for another game day. 
Still we get a free dozen Crispy Creams,  
Because the team got 12 hits! 
Best of all I got to spend some time with my man. 
He makes me feel like no one else can. 
It was an excellent night!  
Everything was out of sight! 
By Elisha Jensen 
Sunday, July 09, 2006 

I Could Imagine

I could imagine myself running.  
I can just imagine the fun of an "I'm gonna get you" chase. 
I could just imagine myself running wildly with a smile of insanity on my face. 
I could imagine myself singing so LOUD without having a friend telling me to stop
because their ears are ringing or about to pop. 
I could imagine myself carrying a tune in something else other than a gift bag. 
I could imagine myself doing stand up comedy in a crowded club. 
How about me delivering a soliloquy! 
I could imagine doing the things I cannot do.  
I could imagine doing the things I am determined to do.   
I could imagine! Oh yes! I can imagine! 
Elisha Jensen

Memory Loss
Missing short term memory,  
Isn't it great! 
Something was bothering me.  
But now I can't relate. 
I would rather lose some memories of the past 
Unfortunately, those are the memories that last. 
A constricting thought enters my head 
At night just before I get to bed. 
I try to sleep but my ideas start to creep. 
Try as I might, my brain won't turn off the light. 
I know what to do.  
I think of something new. 
To make the nasty thoughts disappear. 
To prevent them from coming back, 
I put my hand over my ear. 

Making Improvements
I have been unable to walk independently for 14 years. 
That is about twelve years too long! 
I know that I will walk, 
When the right time comes along. 
It seems like forever to get there. 
My body has taken the shape of a wheelchair! 
I just can't wish to walk. 
Nor can wishing help me talk. 
I have to make it happen. 
I will someday, 
I will be standing on my own two feet,  
By Elisha Jensen 

Noodlehead and the Pasta Incident
Noodle Head and The Pasta Plague 
One day Old Noodle Head, my trusty sidekick was cleaning his pasta shooter.  Some
strange looking fellow gave him a sample of a new cleaning solution up in town. 
         Here, he said, try my new pasta  propeller  cleaning solution.  That was the first
tip that should have thrown Noodle Head off.  He had a pasta shooter and not a
pasta propeller.  That fellow also had a grin, which said that he was up to
something.  But Noodle Head accepted the gift with gratitude saying that his pasta
shooter needed cleaning. 
        When Noodle Head got to his ranch in Dusty Gulch, he gathered all the tools to
clean his gun.  It was not five minutes later that I received a telegraph from
Noodle Head saying that he was having a bit of a pasta problem.  I saddled up my
trusty ride Clyde and galloped off to his place. 
        When I got there, Noodles were oozing out the widow and they were seeping out from
under the door.   Hang on old buddy. I ll have you out of there in a jiffy.   I
lassoed the support post on the porch and waded through an assortment of pasta to
reach the door. There was spaghetti, Linguini, rigatoni and even ravioli.  Just
about every kind of noodle that anyone could ever imagine!  When I finally reached
the door, I was shoulder high in pasta! 
        I reached for the doorknob and turned it slowly. As I did, a shower of linguini
came out the door straight for me.  Luckily I had my bubble shooter loaded with
extra sticky pink bubble gum. 
        I aimed at the noodles.  Wham!  Just like that they were stuck in a sticky bubble
gum formula that I had concocted for such an occasion!  The noodles moaned with an
ooze as they tried to get through the sticky solution. 
        Apon entering Noodle Heads house, I went to see if he was all right.  There he was
in the corner all wrapped up in noodles.  They were binding his feet together. And
he even had a gag of rigatoni in his mouth! I looked around for the cause of this
pasta plague and saw his pasta shooter going biserk.  I aimed my bubble gum shooter
right down the barrel. 
        The noodles oozed a few yards then came to a stop.  I finally went over to my pal
and freed him from fettuccini mayhem! 
         Let me guess.  You used that free sample of bubble shooter solution?   He nodded
sheepishly and stared at his toes.  Do not worry I said. This happens to the best
of us.  Just then an eerie feeling ran down my spine. 
 Hey Noodle Head that fellow up in town gave me an eerie feeling and now I know why.
Come on lets saddle up!   We road into town and sure enough the same fellow who had
given Noodle Head that free sample was holding up the convenient store.  People
were scattering everywhere.   
         It s Big Bad Bart!   A lady said as she came running out the door.   Don t worry
mam.  I told her.  Shrimpy is here to save the day!   I strode in the door and as
soon as I got a glimpse of Big Bad Bart I said,  You better give up while you
still can! 
        He gave a sinister laugh.   You better get your friend.  Something tells me that he
is swimming in noodles.  That s when Noodle Head came in.   That s where you are
wrong.  Something tells me that you are going to be swimming in noodles!   Soon Big
Bad Bart was swimming in a sea of noodles. 
        Soon there after the county serif arrived and said,  Thanks deputy for a job well
done.  By the way how ever did you know that there was something like this a
                         Let s just say that when Noodle Head got a free sample of pasta propeller
cleaner that backfired it was a dead give away!   I filled out a report then
Clyde and me went home to the ranch where I could kick off my boots for the
Just to be sure something like this does not happen to me, I cleaned my bubble
shooter and locked it up for the night.  There s nothing like the life of a gourmet
deputy and  his trusty pasta pal! 

I'm Laughing At Myself

I laugh all of the time. 
You would too, If you lived in my mind. 
There are a lot of things I do not understand until explained. 
Sometimes we have to go over it again and again. 
A lot of things take time to become clear. 
I try to keep remembering and use that thing between my ears. 
Just trying to think what comes next? 
Sometimes I don't even know what to expect! 
I'm trying harder to regain. 
Every day I try to use what is known as my brain. 
You have to learn how to laugh at yourself. 
I have been laughing since day one. 
Ever since the day my life living with disabilities had begun. 
So, I made a mistake, Big deal! 
I'm learning along the way and keep laughing every day. 
I just wish that it wouldn't take such a long time for my brain to heal.