Vickie Treece
The story below is of our experience with our daughters brain injury that she suffered at the age of 16. Malinda is the blonde with the straight.
On November 20, 1999 at 1:30 a.m., my phone rang. Yes, it was that phone call that no parent wants at that time of the night. It was a nurse from the local hospital. she asked to speak to Vickie Treece, and I said speaking. At that time, she told me that they believed they had my daughter and that she had been involved in a auto accident.

I asked what was wrong with her, and the lady told me that she was not sure it was my daughter, and that I needed to describe her so that they knew they had the right child. After what seemed like and eternity of descriptions, she finally told me that my daughter had been in an auto accident. That she had suffered a brain injury, and that she was on life support. I thought to myself, not my daughter. My daughter is only 16, and would not be out at that time of the night. Besides that, my daughter was spending the night at a friends house, so there is no way she would be out.

Now if this is not every parents nightmare, then what is.

She then asked me if I had someone to bring me to the hospital. I told her yes, and that I was on my way. At that time, my husband and I left for the hospital. That drive was the longest drive of our lives. We kept asking "What would she be doing out that time of night, who would she be out with, and what would the girls mother let her out that time of night for". Needless to say, we had no answers.

When we got there, the nurse met us at the door. She led us straight up to the trauma unit and sat us in a family room where we sat and waited for the doctor. Seems like the longer we waited, the smaller that room got. Well, the doctor finaly came in, and told us that Malinda had been in an auto accident, that she had suffered a brain injury, and that she was on life support. He said that she bruised over 85% of her brain to the brain stem, and that we should remember to measure her progress by months, NOT days.

It has now been over two years, and we still deal with this nightmare every day. As anyone knows who has dealt with a brain injury, your life and the life of those around you are never the same.

We have taken all the bad along with all the good, and we Thank GOD every day for not taking our daughters life from us.

This is such a long story, that I can not finish it, but if you would like to know more, please feel free to email me.

Malinda is doing well. She still has some side effects, but nothing that anyone who doesnt know what happened to her can see.
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