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I was in a jeep accident on september of 97. I was a passenger in my own vehicle. I got sleepy and asked my friend to take over driving for me. I took off my seatbelt and got comfortable and went to sleep.

The next thing i remember (6 weeks later), a nurse telling me I was in an acciident. Looking down at my legs, all broken up.

I was thrown out of the jeep and landed 30 feet from the jeep. I broke my neck, hip, shattered left leg from knee down, broken elbow, jaw, and fingers and toes. Also i was bleeding from the stomach and had both lungs punctured. I also have a frontal lobe brain injury.

The next 7 weeks i spent in Mary Free Bed rehab hospital. I had to learn everything all over again, like being reborn. By sept. of the next year i accomplished walking over the Machinaw Bridge in St. Ignas, Michigan.

A year or so ago, i told my casworker that I thought I needed to be evaluated considering I have a brain injury. She said it was hard testing, that I wouldnt like it. Also reql expensive for the insurance company. So I let it go at that. Just a couple months ago, I was having trouble with emotions. Also I have been trying to be the person I'm not anymore.

So i called and made an appointment to see a neuro doc. He tested me and said I could benefit from his program. So now I'm waiting for the insurance to approve my help.

Positives: i am no longer a hot head like I use to be. I have met some great people on the chat lines.

I am a survivor and will get through this too.

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