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Update August 8, 2005

well, thing's didn't work out to well for me in Greenbrier. i got in a fight w/ the man who lived next door to me. he hit me in the head w/ a BIG stick + i had to get stitches. anyways - i got kicked out of those apts. so now i live w/ my dad. i don't have the Internet, so i'm using my sister's computer.
on Thursday, i'm going to meet w/ DHS to see if they'll let me go live in their Human Development Center, while i take my Hepititis C treatments. those will last 6 months. then i'll hopefully get to move into the Easter Seals apartments. (i'm on the waiting list, right now.)
i miss chatting w/ y'all + hope every1's doing alright!

God bless,

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Update 2004

Picture #4 of Stephaniehi. my name is Stephanie O'Bryan. i'm 27 years old. i had a car wreck wheni was 16, back in 1993. I have dificulty walking + i use a cane. i speak realslow.

i have adopted a little kitty, named Noel, from the Humane Society. a crazy, meanguy cut her tail off w/ a pair of scissors.

i have joined a new church + it's sooooooooooooo nice! the folk's there r sofriendly. it's called First Baptist Church of Greenbrier.

i'm working at a place called Workforce. it's where handicapped folk's can dosimple work, like peeling labels off of boxes and sorting different screws. it'spretty boring, and it's called piecework, so we get paid by the piece. i considerit to be partially like SLAVE LABOR, but the folk's there are real nice. :)

i'm divorced. i married a neighbor of mine when i lived in some apartments inCabot. he had only 1 leg + he's a mean alchoholic. i figured i'd be better offwithout him. i do want to find a husband, but it's so hard to find anyone who iscompatible w/ me. my family says that i don't need a man. i guess i don't. i'm avery happy, just living by myself + my cat! :)

StephHi, my name is Stephanie O'Bryan, I'm 24 years old. I had a wreck in 1993, when I was 16. My life TOTALLY changed as a result. Boy, it has been hard, but I'm now living in my own little duplex + I have a little job, only 2 hours a day twice a week. I attend church regularly + have really gotten to know the Lord. I use a cane + my speech is very quiet + slow. I still ride my 3 wheeled bike a lot, because I can't drive anymore.

StephMy sister + I are twins (fraternal) but I don't see her often b/c she lives in Little Rock + I live in Cabot. I have a 17 year old brother who's in the 11th grade. He lives in Cabot, but I don't really see him much either because we live across town from each other. I go to church with my grandparents every Sunday, Sunday night + Wednesday night.

That's all I can think to say. See y'all in chat!

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