Stephan Clavadetscher

The fact is that I was born with a brain stem tumor in 1972. Dr. Peter Carmel operated on me and removed a large part of the tumor, and in combination with very high doses of radiation the tumor was believed to be succesfully removed.

For the next 20 years or so, I lived basically a "normal" life. I was a boy scout, I played baseball, basketball, and soccer; I went to school (though I was in special ed. classes), had jobs, girlfriends. But my life was halted in 1995 when one night at the bar after one drink I got sick all over the place. The bar employees thought that some cool, crisp air would sober me up. But I wasn't drunk. I also developed a weakness on the left side of my body. These experiences led me back to the doctor's where after an MRI we learned that my tumor was back. Now the question was "how do we get rid of the tumor?". Little did we know that Dr. Carmel was still practicing, and we soon found ourselves back in his office.

Dr. Carmel was honored to treat me again. In order to remove the tumor, we had to sacrifice some damage to my cerebellum. This left me with ataxia. After over a month in the hospital, and almost two months at an in patient rehab center I was unable to walk, my speech was difficult, and I was dependent the rest of my family for care.

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