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My story isn't at all really unique from any of yours. I was in my '76 Ford Mustang heading to work on the afternoon after my lunch-break. I was making a left turn into the best darn job I ever had. I had found out early on how much I love people and I had ended up with a job dealing a lot with people. I bagged groceries for people and took them out to their cars for them and talked with them. So it was after my lunch-break & I had gone home to rest. Only God knows why I put my seatbelt on that day, I never wore it, but I probably would've been a lot worse off without it. I was brodsided by a humongus Suburban. As I lay in Poudre Valley Hospital from September 6th, 1993 to January 18th, 1994 with internal damage and a traumatic brain injury, an intern felt it his right to molest me. I wanted to die so bad for so long. But for the good news, I graduated high school even though my accident was in September. I've worked hard and gone to college and I've found how strong the Lord will let you be. You never know just how strong you are until you're "on top of the world" before, then you fall, crash and burn and you have to humbly ask God for the strength to go on because you yourself aren't capable. I knew God before my wreck, but now it seems I have more reason to love Him. Because now I have God, more confidence, scores of real friends, and no drugs. So that's my story.

...and that intern denied anything happened. I had a TBI so he got away with it; that incident was a main reason for my attempts at suicide.

But this has only fueled my energy to continue on in college through two moves, many break ups and so many disapontments. LONG LIVE JESUS!!!

Stacy Louise [Stacilou]

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