I was in a car reck back in 1982 the car hit my head and left me with left side brain damage. I thought I was doing well I got married 2 years after my reck and thought eveything was fine I have trouble with memorie and a few othere things. We where married for 15 1/2 years till his family and freinds could not put up with me any more I guess they got tierd of my repeating myself and i did not like his brother's wife she was a very easy person she grabed my husband and just laughed at me when I talked to her about it. Is family rather have people like that then some one who carred. I did never cheat on him I found out he did me I guess that goes with his job a long haul truck driver. But I trusted him and he knew all about me. I am having a hard time ajusting to supose to be my new life I can't handle change I always had to have everything done in a pattern for I could remember what I have done or not done. I keep blaming myself only if I knew what was wrong I could of fixed it he would not let me go to the doctors my attory sent me to one and my brain was swollen The doctor was not a nerologist just a regular prac. but he said he saw the swelling in my brain threw my left eye. My attorney was a nurse and he could read my medical records and was shocked what I can do not much any more because i am slipping. I forget alot more lately. He (the doc) gave me medicane and it working but my ex still did not want to be around me then his exuse was I was going to cost him to much money for all the med. I would of needed my mom always helped us out on that because she said it happend before we got married so she would of helped with some of the money. I dont know if I typed to much but when i sit down I just type it keeps my mind going and makes me think I like to type and I am getting pretty good at it again. I am on the computer mostly everyday in the morning and afternoons not to much in the evenings thats when i do my crafts. I do alot of art work, paint cross stitch, knitt, crochet and sew. I also disgin barbie doll clothes was getting good at the before he left me. Made good money on it too. because the were origanal I disgned them my self. I use to so it for people but they complained to much. I hope to here from some one who may be can help me get threw with this mess.

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