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Sherry Wright
I had not read my story in awhile.Its now been almost 5 yrs since my accident.I settled in the midnight hour of court with Walmart because i could not endure any more dirty litigation they were putting me thru and i immediatley went into the deepst depression i have ever had.Looking back i am amazed i did not kill myself but i know it was due to all the wonderful people who reached out to me, my cyberfriends.I can not disclose my settlement, which was nothing(trust me) i still have tons of bills, my insurance company delcared me cured and quit paying after 3 years. But i am still here.I still have my business and have downsized it where i can handle it most of the time.Cogintive rehab helped me create and adapt ways to use or modify my skills.Everyday is still a struggle but less than it use to be.I learned to pace myself over the years and most of all laugh at myself over the dumb things i do.I still am online of others and i still hope someday the battle will be easier for those behind me.

Sheri Wright

Believe & Suceed the key to happiness is having dreams Hi! This is me 9/96 and a duplicate of what gave me my head injury. I am "mild" TBI but its certainly not mild to me as I lost most of my executive functions. Since I am a business owner this has hurt me considerably.

On 10/15/94 my 3 yr. old son and I went shopping at Walmart. They had put four of these cars balanced on a 2 by 10 across the top of an aisle in the toy dept. Course I never looked up and noticed this. No reason to I believed if I was in a public place I should be safe. As I was talking to another shopper they somehow fell on us. Knocking me out briefly and definitely "knocking" me stupid. My son was not injured as I had just made him sit in the basket part of the cart so it bounced across him but it did hit the other lady I was talking to on the shoulder. They never called an ambulance or offered any medical assistance to us not even a glass of water. My glasses were broken I went out the front of the store to the optical dept. and they repaired them so I could see and they let me leave the store and drive my son home. Which took three hours and we only live 15 min. away.

That day changed my life forever. Pain took over I had the worst head pain I wont even say it was a migraine because it was worse than that. Confusion took over, since I had other sprains and bruises etc I blamed my confusion on it and the light medication. I never could take any real pain killers because I still was trying to run my business and I hate medication never even went to doctors before this except to have my Son. I went to Pro Med the next day after the accident that was a joke they gave me an arm brace told me I had a concussion and sent me home. Never x-rayed my wrist or anything. I called my husbands doctor who is a country MD with a small family practice and he saw me a few days later. I kept going to him for different reasons he was totally in the dark about what was wrong but he did refer me to other doctors and finally after 6 months I went to him and told him I thought I was being driven crazy by the pain. I told about losing things etcHe suggested I call a private mental health center. I did and told them my problem from then on I was in good hands fortunately they "knew" about head injuries after going there and being diagnosed I was referred to the Head Injury Center. Finally I had been validated and I could get help for TBI and PTSS(post traumatic stress syndrome). During all this time Walmart was throwing my case to a different case manger every week and totally ignoring Me. I decided I needed to find a lawyer they wanted to give me 10,000 and my medical bills were that already. They had never paid one dime of my bills.

I owned a business that delivered air freight, air trucking and courier documents all related to the Air Freight Industry. I tried to go on as normal but I couldn't remember my customers , I could not dispatch I was not following through with shipments, Making BIG mistakes which is not me. I was a type A perfectionist.

I had incredible energy you know "SUPERWOMAN". It took a year of rehab cognitive therapy to get me out of denial and admit it. I am glad hubby and one of my contractors had stepped in to run things or pick up my slack. I was advised to sell my business. How do you sell your dreams, blood sweat and tears? I also could not decide what else I could do and I was afraid to try to go to school. I gave up driving commercially and sold my trucks. Downsized my accounts to just courier and now I am trying to make a living on what is left. I wasted a year debating this I read a book called "to Wherever Oceans Go" by Beverly Bryant. It is very inspiring this lady had a head injury and refused to give up.

I joined the NC Brain Injury Assoc. I got a computer for home and went online. I set out to educate myself with everything I could. I reached out and thanks to some of the wonderful online support and newsgroups someone reached back. I am still in litigation with Walmart. I love my on line groups I try to keep teaching myself all I can on this thing. I want to learn all I can about TBI and hopefully help to prevent it and to help others. I would like to promote awareness of it also. The legal and medical Issues we have to deal with are really out of line and so many people are so uninformed and uneducated about our issues.

We have been through enough and since I am only "mild" TBI (but my life has totally changed)I feel my direction is to help those who cant or who are reaching out also.

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