Shawn "lil G" Greacen

May 24 2002,a good excuse for an 18 year old to drink,get high and party.sounds good accept I hadn't slept in three days and taken several bottles over the head.

A night ill never forget,my friends were telling me to stay home and get some sleep,of course I didn't listen and arrived at the party half pissed with a 24 in my hands.all night I was into cocaine,pcp and drinking pretty 7 in the morning I had tons of energy ready to rock and roll,I was cutting fire wood and hit my finger with the axe,within ten minutes I was losing feeling in my fingers and my entire left side,my friends were starting to realize this was no joke when my face dropped.we started rushing across a field to get to the truck to take me to the hospital,we weren't even half way there when my leg gave out and I was carried the rest of the way by friends.

I arrived at the hospital and was immediately transferred to a critical care unit where they figured out I had,had a hemorrhagic stroke I was in and out of a coma for a week.after a little over a month I was transferred to a rehab center where I stayed for 6 months and daily fight to regain the use of my left side but slowly its coming.

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