Shari Soza

I want to share some of my story, added 31 years after the accident.

I was in a Volkswagen, getting onto the freeway in Houston, and hit by a pickup truck, from behind. I and the carseat, which broke off the bottom of the car, went flying, and I hit the windshield with my left forehead.

I was unconscious for three days, and kept in the hospital an extra seven days. Those three days, I was in the same dream, a continuous dream. It was like I was in a circular building, something like a junior college, where everybody was all sitting around in front of computers, much like we have the Internet courses now. After seeing shows like StarTrek, the junior college in a circular building seemed more like a space ship. I was not even a programmer yet.

Maybe it was the drugs that they gave me, that caused this. I dont think that I had ever seen shows like StarTrek then, or even heard of the Internet.

I was very blessed that I did not sustain much motor damage. The only thing that I noticed was that my swimming scissor kick was not the same. I had lost one side of that. It was not symmetrical anymore.

I was 22 at the time. My parents must have been very challenged by it, and by the changes in me. They are both gone now.

I was able to work after the accident, for about six years, as a computer programmer. It was very stressful for me, though, and I developed hypoglycemia, severe. Luckily, then I met my husband, and became a wife.

Over the years, I went thru many personality changes, as my brain reprogrammed itself. I re-all-ized many things, in the lingo of my college science classes, which was focused on "elementary particles, and the interface between matter and energy", and in the lingo of my work, which was computer programming. It must be that the brain did something like re-embroidering, making patches across damaged areas, using the "code" that it had handy. Like as if it found a few neurons that were outdated, and it re-recorded them in its own lingo.

I saved my writings, of many of these re-all-i-za-tions, and other deep philosophical writings. I invite anyone to discover some of them are on my website. I will be trying to gather the best of my writings, together with my database on nutrition, into a new book. One thing I discovered was an herbal formula can help the brain learn a new brainwave coordination rhythm. I called it Dys-Rhythmia (Anti). Listening to the same classical music constantly, can also help the brain learn a new "brainwave coordination rhythm".

I would love to network with people interested in these things, to help those who have suffered head injuries.
Don't get worried about the part where I also sell things. Don't let that stop you from learning whatever I can tell you.

Please let me know when you cannot find something that I have put an URL pointing to.

You may share this to any other group of head injury victims. How can I help?

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