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I am the widow now, of James T. Hood. A free spirted man, we were married 4 months short of 30 years. We were for real one unity, "Soul Mates". Jimmy I do so miss you deeply. I write this for you, What you went through will help others.

"We fought the battle, but we Lost"

Where to begin, Jim and I took early retirement in 95 to disover all the best things ardound us and us again. We took a road (our oly real vacation) trip to Arizonia and came back to relocate in West Virigina. Here we bought our 1st home, a trailer. How good it felt no apartment. We were setteling in and 3 months later Jims Grandma passed away at the age of 96. But we were here with her for those last 3 months. Then 3 months later Jims Dad got cancer, so the weekly trips to Jersey began and lasted about 1year or more (timming not so clesr now). Dad moved on in June of 97.

We were able to come home and try to pull things together, when 11 days after Dads passing we were involed in a tradgic car accident. I not remembering anything even now, was told I was the driver and had a blow out, flipping 2 times, then being rearended by an RV. We were taken to the local hospital, but our injuries were so severe they airlifted us to the next states trama center. There our family was called to be told neither of us were expected to live. We both under went surgies, I am told I had massive sever injuries. Jim not near as many injuries as I, but he suffered 3 cardiac arressts, leading to coma. We spent 3 months in different hospitals. Then I was able to come home and Jim had to go to a differen faculity as I was unable to care for him. So for the frist year after the accident we were not living together. But the secound year following the accident I recouped to the best I could and was then able in July of 98 bring my man home! For the next 10 months it was hard going at times, those times being when Jim would get sick. He was still in coma, tho I swear I saw him at times. He had a Trach and feeding tube and constant oxygen, 50% when he came home and we were able to get it down to 30% while he was home. So, Jim was unable to walk, talk or eat. Jim was in and out of the hospital on many occassions, those were the hard times. Broke my heart to see this vibriant man in this physcial state. He would get so sick and not beable to tell me or my son what was wrong, broke our hearts to see this. All other family was in Jersey. So, the three of us I felt, we were the "Three Muskeeters".I Thank God for my son who had quit his job and moved here the day of the accident, and God Bless him he is still here with me. He took care of me when I got home, everything he did for me, down to the care of the colomosty I had, had as the arm was not good. Then when I got Jim home he was here to help me with his Dad.

They diagnoised Jim as having the illness "Anoxia-Ischemic Enthalapothy" in short massive brain damage deep inside the brain, that controls all bodily fuctions, absoutely "No Hope" they told me. His body was starting to shut down and he was starting to have a hard time digesting the tube feeding. His last trip to the hospital was in the beging of may 1999. On May 30th 1999, My nightmare worsens but, for "My Man" the beauty of peace with no suffering, in a place so much more beautiful then this world has become a reality for him.

"Jimmy Moved On"

For me my road is dusty, tattored and full of pain. But Jims road is now full of
Beauty, Peace and Happiness."

To Jim, I say "I Love You". You have captured my heart and soul and with you it will remain till we meet again at "Heavens Gate" We are "Soul Mates"

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