Shannon Kehoe

In November of 1995, I was driving home with a friend after a football game at the University of Georgia. It was late, and we should have remained in Athens instead of driving 85 miles home. I fell asleep at the wheel and was involved in a one car accident, and was severely injured.including a brain injury. The first thing the doctors asked my parents when they arrived at the hospital was about organ donations. They, of course, flipped out.

The doctors only gave me a one-in-a-hundred chance of surviving, and very little chance to recovery enough mental capacity to live independently again. It took several months for me to recovery physically, and over four years to get comfortable with who I am now. I'm not perfect.but I am substantially normal. I have lapses in memory, my emotions get away from me at times, and I have some trouble finding the right words to express myself, but I've learned to cope.and I certainly don't take life for granted.

My Dad and I have written a book about our ordeal, and it's available from The StarLight Press WEB site if anyone is

It's a pretty good success story, and maybe will bring comfort to some of you. I hope you'll take a look. And one matter what anybody says, NEVER GIVE UP!

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