I am writing this story for my son Shane, he's 22 and he's my oldest son.July 16 1999 was a rainey night and shane was taking a friend home a mile from our home. He must have known something was going to happen because he grabed Matthew by the arm, and pitched him over in the back seat, its was a king cab toyota. and told him to hold on.The next thing Matt knew was them rolling, rolling and then blackness but only for a moment. as soon as the truck came to a stop, he crawled out through the back where the window Use to be. It was at 11;30 at night and he could'nt see very well. but enough to know Shane wasn't in the truck. the neighbors that heard he crash was friends of Shanes. and they got to him before Matt did, he was laying in the middle of the road 'face down'. 500 feet from the truck. so they figured he came out on the second roll. no one knows where he got all his damage inside the truck got hit by it or when he was throwed out. Matt ran over to where he was still on his face and he roll him over. they had already call Lifeflight shane was breathing but his mouth was full of blood and he was bleeding from his ears and nose. the emts arrived 10 minutes after the accident because they were in the area.but it was 1hour and 45 minutes before he was air lifted.I was out of town at the time the hwy went to get my husband but he had already gone to bed. the door was open so he went right on in the house, he was standing in the living room calling out, and my husband came out of the bedroom when he told him what had happened my husband " Jimmy" told him he was mistaken his son went to bed before he did! so he looked in his room and Shane was gone. they didnt go to my house untill shane was already airlifted, and it was our truck that he was in, so Jimmy didnt have a way to the hospital. he call my daughter who lived 75 miles away told her what happened and to come and get him. they got in touch with me the next day I was two hundred miles away. and we made it in two hours with the help of the hwy patroll flaging us through each county. at the time all I knew was shane was airlifted, and I knew it had to be bad. I prayed all the way to the hospital. please God dont let it be bad, let him be alright, over and over. as I was running down the hall I saw my family and two double doors opened and they were rolling shane out to put a peg and treak in. and he was in a deep coma. he had three skull fractures and a closed head injury I think thats how they put it. I knew he was going to wake up I never would belive God would do this to me again! I have a daughter that was born with severe brain damage shes 26. as he was in the icu he begain to open his left eye and move his right arm and sweeze our hand, little did we know it was called postering. none of us has ever been around head trama or coma. every time Jimmy went in he couldnt quit crying. after three days the Doctor told us he had brain stem swelling not damage! I kept thinking this was good news because he even smiled then he told us we would know what we got in ayear or two. I thought I was going to faint, I had to sat down every time I went in I exspected him to get up and say Hi Mom. oh I miss him so much I could be coming across the yard and he would jump from behind something and throw me over his shoulder and take off running. he is 6'2 and weighed 200 lbs. now 157. it has been three months now, me and Jimmy dont have any help with him and the hospital just sent us home no rehab. or nothing ! he didnt have Insurance and his wife didnt want nothing else to do with him. they were seperated at the time of his accident. so I discovered TBI chats to find refuge there. now all I have to do if get help for my son, I dont really know if he is still in a coma all he does is blink one eye he does moan if he gets hurt like needles and blood test. he moves his tounge like in a sucking motion all the time but thats about it. God bless any one who reads this. because I know your having pain in your heart too. and if anyone wants to e-mail feel free to do so I welcome them.

Sherry Jimmy and Shane lucedall Ms.

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