Scott "Meeskite" Thomson

ScottI was a theatre major at Florida State University with a stage voice and I sang too. At home for Christmass break I went Christmass shopping on Dec 20 1999 with my brother and sister. I was 19 at the time. I've learned that we were T-boned by an SUV which struck us where I sat behind the driver. They had to airlift me Bayfronts trauma center. Besides suffering a tbi and multple broken bones I also had a brain stem injury and a cervical dislocation. I survived what is known as a hangmans fracture. that explains my address.

After allready being in rehab for a year I began to get worse. After loosing the ability being able to sit up in bed, becomming incontinent, and aspirating on chicken soup, they eventually decided to do an MRI.They discovered hydrocephalus!!!!!!! Many questions where answered.

Finally in Feb 2002 I was completely released from Rehab. I did go to a Community college and take courses while in rehab.

I plan to go back to a 4-year college. Get a degree. I too feel as if I've lost all my friends and spend every weekend with my parents.

see yah, Scott (a brief edition)

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