Sarah Klecka

The day was November 5, 2000 It was Sunday afternoon and it started to rain. Jason & David (my son,age 32) were at Pleasure island and they decided fishing wouldn't be any good. So they loaded up their gear and headed for home.Because of the rain, they had their windows up, and as they approached the curve to get on the highway, the truck skidded and Jason lost control. The truck flipped onto David's side and slid into the canal. Jason was able to kick a window out and escape, but David was trapped for about 15 minutes. The paramedics were able to recusitate David In emergency room they found out he hd had a heart attack. He was hooked up to the vent and remained in ICU for 1 month. He was fed no food (not even in the IV) for 28 days.He lost 65 pounds in only 2 months. They told me he wouldn't live and if he did, he would be a vegetable. (I'm sure ya'll have all heard that one) He was a very big "problem" to the hospital because he had no insurance.(He had started a new job 4 weeks pryer to the accident and was not covered yet.) After 2 monts in the hospital, they wouldn't let me bring him home (no benefits) but they did want to put him in a nursing home. So I just told them we would stay put until I could bring him home. It was a very big joke, to say the least.

Well, anyway, we finaly came home on January 10,with government aid.He still has a trach (even though he breathes on his own and a g-tube. With only government aid, it has been a long, slow process. After 8 months, he still has not had therapy of any kind. We are supposed to go to TIRR in Houston, but the appts. always get set back. (They will put a baclofen pump in him for his spasticity, then (hopefully) rehab. He is only level 3 on the rancho scale. I know he has potential. I can see it in his eyes. He responds to commands ("move your legs,arms,blink your eyes, and even urinates on command) If anyone out there can hlp me find help for David, Please e-mail me. We live in southeast Texas.Thanks for reading this!
God Bless You All,

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