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Update March 20,2005

Hiya All,

I just thought it was time to update my story, with all my good news. Well actually there is just a little bit of good news, some bad news, but what story doesn't have its own bad and good news?

Well first, last I wrote I was spending time Traveling with a old beau of mine. That did not work out well. Yes, we did travel through 30 different states altogether. I soon found this 27 year old young guy to not be acting his age and very immature. After all I been through I need someone with some maturity and Life plan for themself too. So we split up, quite pleasantly natured. We continue to be friends, with each providing some help to the other. Thats all the Bad news....

I moved forward with my life though. I am currently now, Slowly building a relationship together with a man whom is 15 years my senior. We have both been through all the dirt, grime, and greasy things, so we established right off, to proceed slowly. thats a bit of Good News....

Now on to the Greatest News of all. I have returned to work, after a 4 year stint of Retirement Woes. I found a agency for Nurse Aides that, seems to work well with my perferences. Actually the boss of this company, was the secretary of the agency I worked for prior to my accident. SO they were quite willing to work with me and get me back into work mode. SO I went on my first assignment to a Nursing Home and done my job as required. Things went smoothly for me this night and for those that have followed. I am not working Full-Time yet, so as I said work is working with me, as I work with them. Its been a lot of fun to return to work. Although I have to admit, this is not t he job I wanted to r eturn too. SO my decision is to continue with this job for a little bit. Then come Fall, I would like to return to college and either persue a career as a Phlebotomist, Drawing blood, or a career in Child Development, so I could open my own Day Care. But for now, I will continue doing my duties as a Nurse Aide and then check into t he others, as Time (the dreaded word, Time) proceeds.

For now, I will enjoy my life. Hope everyone id doing good. Take Care, know your in my thoughts. Always remember "Life Goes On, No matter the Harsh outcomes."

Huggers to all......

Update March 5, 2005

Hello Again, Just wanted to keep you all informed. All is going well. I went back to college and finished my Nurse Aide certification, again. Just February 26, 2005, I finally returned to work after a 4 year retirement. It was fun to sit back and not worry about work problems. I will tell you the full Truth though, I Trully missed the mode of working. I returned to work for a Nurse Aide Agency, which means I can go to work when they call and ask if I would like to cover a shift.

My first 2 days of work, I really enjoyed. Although I did Wonder why I wanted to return to work so badly.I Loved returning to work for the most part though. It was a lot of fun and I felt whole again. So I shall continue doing this until, I decide I wanna do something else. Which there again, decisions and the feeling of always being confused and never fully direct on what you may wanna do. Must be a part of the Brain Injury, we have to live with.

I am seeing someone new, the semi-truck driver and I called it quits, for I soon found a man acting of a different age category (18) and non-matured for his true age (26). This is something I have trully found to be a very direct observance of mine, since the injury came about. Before the Injury I was non-observant to these things. I am unsure of how many more new observances shall be found, but well I think I am open to many of them, as usual.

For now, I am at a point of taking everything at a daily ritual nothing is hurried and I am enjoying my life this way. As always, I have continuously been told, "It will take Time or give it Time." So thats what it is about now, Time and the way the day comes and goes about.

I hope everyone is doing well. Please if you have discovered any of the above things talked about and would like to allow me to know about them, Please email me. My email should be in the reply section. Talk with you soon, Take Care, huggers,
Samantha sammer

Update 09/11/04

Hiya All, I wanted to keep in touch and let you all know how things are going for me. I have meant a new guy in my life. We have been in touch for the last 3 years, but nothing more ever came of our friendship. Although just about a year ago now, September, we decided we would like to put our friendship together as more. This we did and well we have had a enjoyable time. Jeremy is a semi-truck driver. Jeremy was also there to Support me through my college decisions and choices. In late December, Jeremy informed me he was going to Orientation for a new company out in Montana, so he was off and I was set at continuing my education. Jeremy asked, Me to come out on road with him. I replied give me to the end of April, when my classes are over with and we'll go from there. The end of April came about and well I left May 3, 2004 with Jeremy to travel. Something I have always wanted to do in my life. Our first adventure would take us to Colorado, where we would have a lot of fun. For 3 weeks we traveled in the West of the US. After these 3 weeks I would come home for a month, since Jeremy was changing companies. With the new company he is able to Lease-Purchase his truck. This company is out of Oklahoma. The end of June I would leave to travel some more. The new company would send us to the Eastern side of the US, again lots of beautiful sites and fun travels. In the middle of August, I decided to come home. So I am now home, while traveling I kept a journal, in my journaling I have discovered that I rode through 29 different states. So in ending I have had a great summer. I hope and plan to again go traveling, soon. Hope all of you, Have had a Great Summer, too.... Keep touch, as will I. Huggers to all.....

Update 06/26/04

Hiya All,

Hope your all, doing well. I am doing Wonderful, myself. I decided in the Fall 2003, to take my chances and go back to college for my Nursing Studies. I did well the first couple months of the semester with a full load of classes. During this time, more so in the month of November, I was also taking the NeuroPsychological tests too.

The week of finals, I was given the results of the Neuro tests. The results of this test were given and the conclusion was, I would be unable to be a nurse. Due to Memory and Observation Skills, I could not proceed with my Nurse career. Although finding this out, I still took my finals and passed them all successfully.

I would be able to return to working as a Nurse Aide though. So my thought was: "What job, does not require some Memory and Observation Skills?" So in the Winter Semester that would start in January 2004, I would return to my Nurse Aide class. To recertify. In this semester I took a full load of courses too. I successfully passed these courses with a 3.80 grade point average out of a 4.0. I was then placed on The Deans' Honor Roll list. Pretty High standards, considering the Brain Injury. So I am now off to recertify with t he state to work as a Nurse Aide again. Thanks for listening,


Update 06/27/03
SamanthaHello, everyone, I am sorry to say I have not been around much lately. I do so hope everyone is doing well though.

I am writing to inform you all, Pete and I have ended our relationship. We tried to work with it mighty hard. Things were not flowing together as well as expected too.

So we have parted ways. We have both agreed we need to do some more growing up. We have learned many items from our relationship. We will take those lessons, we have learned and move forward with them the best we can.

With all of that said, I hope all is well for you all. I do so hope to come and visit you much more. Please always know your all in my Thoughts and Prayers. Loves and huggers to all.

Update 09/11/02
Samantha and PeteI Samantha Fahr am very happy and thought it would be a great benefit to update my story. I am happily engaged to a Wonderfully Fantabulous man, his name as many of you know is Pete.Samantha and Pete We are working on furthering our relationship together. We both know we got some things to work on but that the philosophy of life. We are happily doing so in moving our relationship forward. The sad news is for us to continue this furthering of our relationship we will not be available to come and visit those in We need the time we have to be able to further our relationship well. Of course we will miss the majority of you all.

Original Story

my story begins with january 18, 2001. its kind of an sadd story.for the most part i do not remember any of it, but i do know what has been told to me it began around about 10am in the morning.My fiance and i was traveling where to is unknown.

When what i am told happened. i am told my fiance was speeding down the road and passing cars on the right side and the left side. from my view of the newspaper artical i think we might have slid on ice and then we hit an tree and broke it in half. after the tree thing i am told we rolled into the residents yard and ended up on our roof top.

The call that went out to the ambulance company, said that there was two fatalitites. when the ambulance got there, they found i had an pulse and the fiance did not have one. I was taken to the hospital. i came in under an jane doe, there was no identification found. I was in an coma for two weeks. Forunately my mother worked at the hospital on the bRAIN INJURY FLOOR. Crazy thing was my father went tinto the hospital on the very same day just a little bit earlier. Low and behold they got the call that i was on the way to the hospital.

I had no major items wrong with me. There was a few misplaced ribs. My tailbone had been fractured and the pieces from the fracture had gone to my butt muscle.


When i woke up from the coma two weeks later, i was back in time almost thirteen years. I did not know what to do. I had both parents there for me and two young brothers also. On march23,2001, i got to come and begin my unsuppected life of having an brain injury.

I began some thearpy at one place but was to soon, be transferred to another place. I have had many a day of non remembrance. The new thing wass my fiance was gone and i got no closure from going to an funeral, because i was in an coma for two weeks. Now its December 12,2001, and i have gone through alot of thearpy to get my self somewhat back and to begin an new life. i have many a things to recovery and an life to adapt too.

The main thing i have to deal with is the loss of my fiance. My wish is to have the decade of 2000 to disappear urgently. i first loss was in february 2000, I had an miscarriage in the fifth month of pregnancy, now i have had the loss of my fiance and and overwhelming majority of my life.

This is my story and thats been my life for the past two years of my life.

Thanks for Listening

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