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Johnna and Sister I was so blessed to find this homepage today, I have done alot of medical research on the computer for my daughters TBI, but have never looked for support or anyone else with the same issues I and Johnna go through. Two years ago Johnna , my 8 year old, followed her 13 year old sister down the block on her bike, we lived in a school zone , a 16 year old came down the 20 mph road doing 40, and struck Johnna head on. Fortunatly, one of the neighborhood kids knew that I was a nurse and a medic, and ran to get me. When I arrived, she was DOA. All the scnerios that I had went through in class right in front of me. Johnna had blown pupils, a punctured lung,and a broken scapula. I went to work on her. I never imagined it would haunt me like it does now even two years later. All the EMS people who showed up would even give me their opinion then, but after all was said and done they told me they didn't think she'd make it to the hospital. Well she did, and she was bad off! Her ICP's were in the 40's! She layed in a coma for 2 weeks, the doctors said, we don't know, " wait and see" the three most frustrating words I have ever heard. I used to look at her and think it was the worst sight I had ever seen, her toung was swollen out of her mouth, her hair was falling out, her head was mushy. Then she woke up, I took it back , that was the worst sight I had ever seen, to see your child laying there with their eyes open and no one home! She could move her eyes, she couldn't speak, she couldn't eat, or control her bowels. It was the reality of it all over again. In the meantime I was having to go through Critical incidence stress debreifings, I had Post traumatic stress disorder. All the people I had worked with came together and debreifed me for days and days at a time, reassuring me that I did all that I could have done to save her life. After another week Johnna was transfered to Genesis rehab. The best place on earth for rehabilitaion! They had Johnna out of the wheelchair within 1 hour of her being there, on the mats, trying to get reactions out of her, anything. She was basically still in a coma. It was a long haul, and finally about 3 weeks later I was taking her across to the hospital for a MRI, and while pushing her bed I was whispering in her ear, "Say,Hi momma, I had been saying that to her for a couple weeks, and she said it!!! And right there in the hallway of the hosptial I took my baby in my arms and sat down and cried. She had finally found her way back to me. All in all this sounds like a horrific story, but Johnna was released from Genesis 3 months later, she walked out pushing her new best friend Tracey, in a wheel chair. Today, she is in the 2nd grade, she only lost one year, she has a problem with her gait, she has an occasional seizure, but she has shown me and the whole medical staff that treated her that she is a walking miracle! We are still in rehab, PT. And she has now been diagnosed with scoliosos. But I can handle anything but letting her die on that pavement. I hope that our story inspires other people who are going through this to never give up hope and even after 2 years, YES they are still recovering, and can get better with every day that passes. I would like to share a picture with all of you of Johnna.

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