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Hi, Updated page (06/20/06 @09:58 PDT). It's been over a year since I last updated these gallery pages.I've got a new computer and monitor 6/05, and am connected with DSL!

I still get as tired, but on a somewhat schedualled bases! I got new (diabetic) shoes this year. It took 6 months (2 pairs in 6 years!) The heal on my foot without the AFO rubs and I need to get that taken care of before I can resume walking my mile. Maybe I should just walk in my old shoes?

These first few pictures were taken in 2000 after I fell and broke my wrist after doing an endurance walk in a recovery program.CHAZ this is what could happen with a quad cane!

I don't get out much, so I like to take pictures of the places I go, so that I can look at them and remember. I don't remember where I got the eagle. I'm always buying Cameras and then forgetting where they went! I should add some new pictures again. I'll get to it, believe me!

This is me, the day before, I was to have my pins from the fixitor removed, back in 2000. I don't remember the date! Oh I saw something some where with the date on it. maybe I'll run into it again and remember to put it here. HaHa - like that will happen!

Photo Gallery from: tbihome.org