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I AM a packrat, when it comes to computers. People tend to give me their old broken computers because I am able to figure out what doesn't work and put the parts together that do work, to make a working computer!

Part of the reason it takes me so long on these updates is that I'm balancing with trying to establish an exercise program, on going tired-ness (6.5 years post) and a lack of financial where-with-all, not to mention arranging to get parts.

I do these projects to help remember what I was able to do at one time. It takes more effort now, but having an example system configured the way it works, is like a reminder of how it works! It may take more time to figure it out, but with a slow steady pace, I eventually get there.

Again, this update went by Quickly. I made it easy for me to make changes and apparently, I did a good job. Next time I might even add new pictures!

More next update, next year?......

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